Friday, May 27, 2011

Part 9: 3 times part 3


It's clobber'n time. You better believe the pretentious typography title slates is gonna continue.

Well...does that mean half the comic so far was essentially for nothing? WE HAVE PROBLEMS. WHAT TO DO? STAY TUNED!

Post notes: For the next update, there is a good chance I will be making a whole separate blog for M&P, it's getting too big for this one. This might delay the next one for a while, but hopefully not that badly. Don't complain, this one turned out faster then usual.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Part 8: gotta start wrapping up plot holes

It's much easier to go faster when you have a more concrete plan!

Enjoy me using a chance to have our first comic without our main characters to fill a small plot hole

Oh that poor security guard, will he ever catch a break? Outside his bones? STAY TUNED AS PROBLEMS ALL GET SOLVED VERY QUICKLY!

or not.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Head's up

My Melon & Post saga started because I wanted a legitimate reason behind the change in Post's appearance, and also for a way to get away from the in-joke nature of the Melon & Post pics and actually explore the world, treating them as their own characters in a real story. I'll admit it to you, I had no idea where I was going with it. After some developments and progressions, I now do have an outline of the story, and it's going to get bigger, weirder, and hopefully end in a satisfying conclusion. 

Since I have more of an idea where to go, I know what the next chapter is about, and it involves the sometimes seen Easter Island head character. Now, I was fearing this part, cause frankly I can't draw him consistently to save my life:

The third one is particularly terrible. What the hell, man.

But if I wanted to develop this guy some more, he needed some damn solid ides put down first. So I looked at him, and decided on a primarily geometric design, to make it easier when more extreme angles get used.

I wanted to make him look more badass then before, to contrast what I plan on being a goofy kinda guy who startles easily. Now, technically, the Profile view is wrong, I used some 2D cheats so you can actually SEE the eyes. This is not a big problem, as I never draw any of them in Profile anyway, the way I draw the eyes on most characters simply makes it look wrong. 

Anyway with a solid idea to stick to now, the next chapter should roll around soon and not feature such terrible art. Actually, as Melon & Post grows, I'll probably be shuffling it off to it's own separate site soon to make it more isolated. I figure around the time I hit part 10, M&P will have a new site so it doesn't take up so much room here. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some Pics

I don't fancy myself a photographer, My camera isn't that good and while I have some knowledge on what/how/why, I wouldn't be able to do it for a living. That said, I bring my camera with me all the time, and I do try to take better pictures then just the typical tourist crap. I figured I'd post some of the ones I'm most proud of.

You might have noticed I like taking pictures of Architecture. These are favorites, for one reason or another, but most of the stuff I do is architecture. I like man-made stuff that's bigger then me.