Saturday, June 4, 2011

Multicolour Octopus Ink Nightmares

As my site would indicate, I like making stuff based on songs. As my "design page" would indicate, I sometimes focus on a particular artist, the UK based Kingbastard. Probably cause I really enjoy his music, and probably cause's he's small and fairly unknown so far, so I think he's less likely to sue me and instead just think I'm a little weird.

Anyway, I would have just posted my latest one on the page, but I made a few versions, and I'll take the moment to plug him further.

Muticolour Octopus Ink Nightmares:

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Not much difference between the first two, but the third one is pretty cool. I had a few composition issues and balance problems on the first one (The original) but I solved it by making the background larger, then decided to screw around a bit to see something else. The hardest part of the whole thing was probably the color ball, I had to make several different color balls and tweak them to create the strange color effect. The weird veins were just something added for detail, since the original was kind of silly with just an octopus and a color ball, something of a connection was necessary.

Anyway I'm proud of it so I figured I'd take up internet space with a post about it. The song is from Kingbastard's 2010 "Beautiful Isolation" album. It's probably my favorite album from recent years and is really good for having on when you work. It's one of those dreamscape kinda albums that flows from start to end meanderingly, so on the whole, it's not for single songs but something that is better as a whole then a single part, as concept albums tend to be. Check it out, as well as his other stuff here:
Do note however, most of his stuff is a little more beat/glitch based then this album might imply.

he also releases lighter-hearted work under the name Myheadisaballoon:
in fact he just released an album in this persona.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Music Project 11?

Yeah the weekly schedule lasted for a while, but it got hard to keep up as my initial idea well ran dry. Anyway, I didn't make this for a specific tune, but I figured I'd post it anyway with some words.

Woods and the Goddess:
It's essentially fan art for a game called "Deadly Premonition". Someone on a forum I frequent was "Let's Play"-ing it. Let's Play is essentially videos of someone else playing video games for you. It's a good way to enjoy a game you wanted to play but never had the chance to. There is a certain irony in experiencing an active form of media passively, but unless the LPer is especially entertaining and a good editor, it's more enjoyable to keep the video on in the background while you do other things, and pay attention when something happens.

The Deadly Premonition LP started a while ago, I'd heard of it via comparisons to Heavy Rain, so I looked into it. I didn't know what to think. The game looks like garbage. It sounds like garbage. it apparently plays like garbage. But the Story is probably one of the best I've ever seen in a game. Set in a pacific northwest town presumably in the Washington wilderness, the setting and initial set up borrow heavily from Twin Peaks.

The game is weird, bizarre, cheesy, and best of all, it knows it. That tongue in cheek is very deceiving, however, as you progress suddenly you realize that your invested emotionally, when it started out as more of a "laugh cause it's so bad" way. The characters, especially the main man, FBI agent York, are extremely well realized. By the time the ending rolls around things get really, really out there but in it's own universe it makes total sense. I kept it on in the background for several months as the guy updated, but it ended last week, and by the time that video rolled around ever episode was like a must watch. I would set aside an hour of my day because I was so invested in a game I wasn't even playing. I think that is a testament to good story writing.

The picture above is the main antagonist, The Raincoat Killer. One of the more memorable bad guys I've seen recently, and it's mostly to do with the air of mystery The LP is over, and the last video left me with that feeling you get when you finish watching something that really affected you. That sort of feeling when it was so good you wished it never ended. DP is a good story, and I never even played it.