Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sean Payton's year off

So with the Saints Bounty Program, Goodell finally brought the hammer down last week, and the punishment might be enough to set the Saints back years.

Sean Payton, pictured above, is suspended for the year.
the GM, Loomis, is gone for 8 games. He might not be able to draft.
Gregg Williams, the D-coordinator responsible, is suspended indefinitely.
The franchise got fined 500,000.
They also got fined two second round draft picks, this year's and next year's. Without a first round pick this year, the Saints won't pick till late 3rd. That's going to hurt them badly.

On the bright side, the Big Tuna might coach them. I hope so, I want to draw a tuna.


  1. hahaha, pretty funny. I'd suggest moving that sink in the bg of the last panel though. It tangents badly with the mom's face and makes it look like she has an elephant's nose

    1. All the more reason to leave it be