Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sean Payton's year off

So with the Saints Bounty Program, Goodell finally brought the hammer down last week, and the punishment might be enough to set the Saints back years.

Sean Payton, pictured above, is suspended for the year.
the GM, Loomis, is gone for 8 games. He might not be able to draft.
Gregg Williams, the D-coordinator responsible, is suspended indefinitely.
The franchise got fined 500,000.
They also got fined two second round draft picks, this year's and next year's. Without a first round pick this year, the Saints won't pick till late 3rd. That's going to hurt them badly.

On the bright side, the Big Tuna might coach them. I hope so, I want to draw a tuna.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tebow the Jet

Tebow vs Sanchez in the most heated QB controversy to ever grace the state of NY.

Tebow has the heart of a Champion, but the skills of a High Schooler. Sanchez is unable to throw left. Tebow has tons of fans, but NYC is a bitter, unforgiving place. Sanchez has more experience, including playoffs, but at least Tebow beat the Steelers. Both Tebow and Sanchez have been spanked by the Patriots. Tebow can run the ball, but that's because he can't throw it. Rex Ryan is still fat.

I'm looking forward to this wonderful mess.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NFL just exploded

Peyton is a Bronco

Tim Tebow is a Jet 

Matt Flynn is a seahawk, but more importantly, the Dolphins failed free agency.

Oh and the Saints just got sent back to the Stone Ages for their bounty program.

A sweet couple a days

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cap punishment

Free Agency starts today, so while teams scramble to plug holes and weaknesses in their rosters, I put effort into a small comic about news from the previous few days. 

The Redskins have been confirmed to have traded a King's Ransom in draft picks to the Rams, who are slated to draft second. This all but confirms the Skins are drafting Robert Griffin the 3rd. The ransom? They swap first round picks this year, and the Rams get the Skins firsts next year, and the year after as well, AND a second round pick this year. so 3 firsts and a second. This means that RG3 better work for the Skins, and the Rams have a good chance of becoming a playoff team in the next few years unless they completely fail at drafting.

Shortly after the trade was announced, The skins and cowboys were hit with a Salary Cap punishment for misbehaving during the uncapped year two years ago. The cowboys are docked 10 million in Salary cap, the Skins a whopping 36 million. They can spread that hit over two years. It seems a tad unfair for the league to do this, as nothing the Boys and Skins did that year was technically illegal, but it's also two teams I hate with greedy owners, so hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Click for good resolution

Friday, March 9, 2012

This week, on FOOTBALL COPS

Peyton Manning has officially been released from the Colts. As the end of an Era comes to a close, we speculate where the legend will finally land. 

Right Click and view in a new tab, Blogger did a crappy resize job. - In case you don't know the Direct TV ad I'm poking fun of. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh when the Saints, injure to win!

Oh when the Saints in-jure to Winnnnnnnnn

So, news broke today about the NO Saints having a Bounty pool that pays players extra to deliver big hits, the bigger and more damage they cause, the better. This is horrible, I hope Goodell punishes the heck out of them, and curiously await to see if other teams get implicated. (Redskins already are).

In the meantime, I've decided to do a NFL pic a week during the offseason, just to keep myself busy during this horrible time of no football. This is week 1.

Favre was cheated

Also, in the aftermath of the Manning Face, I made this picture for


So recently, shortly after Manning's mug went viral, I was part of a very fortunate group to go on a cruise to Mexico. My girlfriend's company had made a lofty sales goal, and the boss (Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy, of decided to take his 3 employees and their absolutely lucky significant others on a short cruise to Mexico.

Seriously, Dr.  Krishnamurthy, I can't thank you enough for that.

Anyway, this basically a summary of what happened:

Setting sail from Galveston TX
Money was instantly gambled away

So much food was eaten

And promptly removed again

We had fancy dinners

And a sheer disregard for the rules of shuffleboard

We got sharked at pool

Danced with some cougars

Died of heat stroke

Learned how to lose at Craps

Abused some kayaks

Terrified some marine life

Played really weird couples games

and ultimately the Ladies of Logistyle were too sexy for us all

And we had to come back, sad out our return to the real world and feeling way too fat

What did I learn on my trip to Mexico? That Mexico is really, really hot. And it was February. It was a good time. Thanks again, Logistyle (Mr. and Mrs. Krishnamurthy, the hardworking ladies) for making this happen. 

-Dave, proud infectee of Mexican Flu.